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It is another Thanksgiving holiday, a time of retrospection and blessings.

You have been invited to craft the centerpiece of the American thanksgiving dinner, the turkey. Woo your girlfriend / boyfriend and be judged by your future in-laws! Apply your culinary expertise to impress your family!

Turkey Cooking Simulator Features:

  • Real-time cooking action!
  • Unparalleled turkey-based thermodynamics!
  • Hours of gripping stories and drama!
  • Accessorize your turkey with stuffing, frills, and other awesomeness!
  • Day-night environmental cycle!
  • High-fidelity stereo audio!
  • Masterfully crafted scenes of an American household!


Open Source!


Backup Mirror

Licenses and Credit


  • Unless indicated otherwise in the credits page:
  • All original artwork and writing are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial BY-NC
  • Artwork: Benjamin Kwok.
  • Writing: Scott Mobley.
  • Source code is released under GPL v3 by Robert Chen.
  • See credits screen for full attribution of all assets.