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NFGame, a simple FNC game



The next software is needed to run this game:

  • Python 2.6 or higher OR
  • Python 3.3 or higher
  • Flask 0.11 or higher
  • Twisted

You can install this as root by doing the following:

  • Debian: apt-get install python-flask python-twisted
  • FreeBSD: pkg install py27-Flask py27-twisted
  • pip: pip install Flask

Watch out! Raspbian has an old version of flask! (0.10) A raspberry is perfect for running this game, but install pip and use pip to install Flask.

apt-get install python-pip
pip install Flask

Getting the software

Just clone the software from github:

git clone

Updating the software

You can always update the software by running:

git pull

Configure the software

Copy the file nfgame.cfg-example to nfgame.cfg and edit to your preferences. Please change the password!

cp nfgame.cfg-example nfgame.cfg

Running the game

./ start

URL's in the game

The site is running on

These are all the URL's used in the game:

URL Description
/ Switch between the scoreboard and the highscores page
/scoreboard Show the scoreboard
/highscores Show the highscores
/newuser Make a new user
/newuser/hash Make a new user. A hash is needed
/tag/hash Find a tag and register it on your name
/admin/password Admin page

Debug mode

You can enable the debug mode by running:

./ start debug

Ending the game

./ stop